Honor your Loved Ones by Saying the Kaddish

Lost a loved one, and you will not be able to commit to saying the Kaddish?

ikaddish is here to provide a network of FREE services to say kaddish for your loved one!

Mourner's Prayer

free service to recite the Kaddish

iKaddish is a network of Jews around the world looking to merit on this special Mitzvah. Our team verifies every volunteer to make sure those saying Kaddish are proper representatives of the soul which Kaddish is being said for.

iKaddish was incorporated in 2022 by a diverse group of Jewish professionals engaged in creating a global network to fullfil one of greatest Mitzvahs: to honor our loved ones by saying the Kaddish

חסד של אמת | The Truest Act of Kindness

Say the Kaddish and honor a loved one who passed away

iKaddish needs volunteers available to say the Kaddish